Seemed like the real thing, only to find…

Italia ManThe good book of Mr RonsonWelcome to my foray into blog-land. Firstly I hate the word “blog”. Secondly I’m of the opinion that it’s a hugely self-indulgent and largely unproductive pastime BUT I also enjoy reading blogs, from time to time. The more varied the better. Mine will probably veer from how much my life revolves around Jon Ronson at the moment to why I have a physical inability to enter into discussions concerning Israel and/or Palestine. How brilliant raspberries are, along with fried bread and sausages. How I’m slowly learning to like living in Dublin. How much I enjoy opening the weekend papers and reading simple yet inventive features. How obsessed I am with podcasts.

Things I like, things I wish I liked, places I’ll be going. I’ll probably almost never talk about sport unless it involves Jack Charlton because he reminds me of my Dad and Italia ’90 was one of the happiest periods of my life.

I will talk a lot about food. I mostly like to talk about stinking, awful food based experiences. Paying €9 for a rotten, hard-as-a-desk piece of ciabatta and “ham” on Leeson Street stokes my fire of rage to an uncontrollable degree. Getting scalding water poured over you in O’Brien’s on the Green (scum pit of hell). That sort of thing makes for good discussion.

The Phoenix Park. The Bus Eireann v. CityLink challenge. How to sneak into things for free/get into things cheaply. Advice and discussion.



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