Sky News Watch Day 3

It feels like I’ve got a barrel between my thighs and a gun in my hand. There are fish in the barrel, lots of them, so close together…

Today I unearthed a story on Sky “News” from 17th August which reported the arrest of 33 anti-fascism protesters at a BNP festival (festival? wow) in Derbyshire. There were 40 protestors and 6 arrests for violent disorder but the main issue seemed to be that the protestors blocked a road.

This of course expanded on to a highly informed end beautifully executed discussion in the ensuing comments.

I normally choose snippets of comments to highlight the points of the debate but Sean’s comment was too good to edit:

if you pander to the minorities and roll out the red carpet for them, if you let the population swell beyond capacity from the result of an open door policy, if you disregard your own countrymen for the foreign nationals, if you push your own to the back of the que for only having one child and not many, if you persecute your own for being british then expect a backlash from the far right, people hav had enough, people can only take so much, prsonally i dont care what colour you are but i am anglo irish catholic, therefore i believe in christian values, bu those values are being tested to the limit and beyond now, if you dont like this nation then go! if you dont like the freedoms that the indigenous peoples of the islands offer thhan go! if you dont like us white infidels then go! and dont bother coming back! (Sean, are you drunk or do you always have difficulty filling in the last few letters of words? Also, I commend your omniscient knowledge of the limits of Christian values. “prsonally” I think you’re talking out your ass.)

Michaela’s losing the run of herself too, phew, hot topic Sky!:

Well, well, well – look at all the calls on the internet to “Ban BNP” – “sack anyone who supports BNP” and so on and so forth. The government are always slinging dirt on BNP yet they allow foreign nationals to hold important roles within British government with their anti-English/western views and trying every plan they can to destroy Western civilisation. (No sense whatsoever and further on in the post she reveals that the “foreign national” holding an important role within the British Government is Gordon Brown!)

Yet Brown (who is a Scot running England by the way) totally supports this. He is not alone. All governments that I can remember have been the same. ITS INSANE. If you don’t love England and her flag then leave. And that goes for you white/English hating English too of which there appears to be more and more appearing in this beautiful country daily. Stop ruining our lives and culture. Get out and leave us in peace without all this increased crime, murder, fraud and so on. We didn’t experience all this until we were overrun with immigrants. Life for English in England is pure hell. Leave us alone!

I think that’s enough for today. Sky News feels like putting my brain in a mincer.


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