The question of censorship

I’m a frequent, nay, hourly visitor to Irish music discussion forums., and all inform my gig visits and downloads on a daily basis. Today I spent a substantial amount of time checking out discussions on tomorrow’s Kraftwerk gig (YES. I have waited too long to be aurally pleasured by the Kling Klangers).

During my surfing and googling I came across several mentions of Kanye West’s arrest and subsequent release following an, ahem, “altercation” with a member of the photographic press at an airport. I like Kanye (check out the wicked video for Flashing Lights) and wanted to know more about the story. One of the search results led me to I know, I know, what did I expect? The premier hate-mongering white supremacy site on the Irish interweb wasn’t gonna break with tradition was it? I’m still shocked though.

I’m a liberal, whatever that means. I support gay rights, I’m pro-choice, I support absolute freedom of speech but it stings when fellow Islanders are so atrociously disgusting in their discussion of others. I have to remind myself that they are entitled so spout their ill informed bullshit as much as I’m so glad to be entitled to spout mine. Fucking hell though, censorship is tantalisingly tempting when you read some of this.

“It appears that even with money, the negroid still shows what type of rabid beast he is! Apparently one of the gentelmen assaulted was a off duty cop.” says one poster.

The final poster included this killer line “Sorry but I very seldom defend a mud! Especially mud’s like this”.

Ouch. It’s not just the fire-breathing racism that wrenches my guts, it’s the fact that it’s coupled with the use of the word “mud’s”. What the fuck does that mean? Mud is what exactly? Prick. If you’re going to be a white supremacist you might try and get your primary school grammar right. Not much chance of you taking over the free world if you’re putting apostrophes in the wrong place.


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