David Byrne is on his way. Glory be!

National Concert Hall, Dublin, 6th April 2009. €55.50-€61.50.

Waterfront Hall, Belfast, 7th April 2009. £40.00-£45.00.

Yessssss. I blogged earlier about Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, the new album by Byrne and Brian Eno. Unfortunately Mr. Eno won’t be putting in an appearance but it’ll be all eyes on David anyway so I’m sure we’ll be kept happy and ocularly occupied.

Tickets on sale on Friday morning, 3rd October. Probably through Ticketbastard. Buy them elsewhere if at all possible though, please.

One of the great things about going to a gig in the NCH in Dublin is when someone gets a bit too agile with a camera, the ushers will march down and flash a light directly into the face of the offender. Marvellous.

I’ll see you there.

Have a nosey at David’s new project, Playing the Building


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