Don’t be so Thick.

Online commenting is magic. I love it. In fact I find it difficult to read a real newspaper now as I miss reading the comments underneath.  The Guardian stands out as a generally informed and intelligent forum for discussion. That doesn’t stop me from going to the Daily Mail site on a bi-hourly basis to check out what Elaine from Crawley thinks of the fact that a baby girl called Raydon was registered as a BOY on her BIRTH CERT. I’m surprised the Mail haven’t started using “OMFG!!!” in their headlines. Oh, and Elaine from Crawley questions why Raydon’s parents are unemployed and helpfully states “He should get a job!!”.  I’m no Russell Grant but I would wager the lack of jobs would be linked to the same mental state that let you name your child after a noble gas with a “Y” thrown in for individuality.

I’ve mentioned the comments on the Sky News site here before. Unfortunately their site has been redesigned in that time and is now so horrendously offensive to my eyes that I fear vomitous after effects so I have to stay away from it more than I like. Hang on, hang on, I just braved it there. First thing to catch my eye is a post on the site’s blog by Tim Marshall, Sky News’ Foreign Editor, which is entitled “Israel’s Abu Ghraib? Don’t be so Thick.” Actually, here you thick fool. , have a link so you believe me.

The comments underneath this post for thickos are actually bearable. They show a vague understanding of Middle East politics which is a positively spectacular achievement for anything on the Sky News website.

There’s not even any point looking at comments under articles from The Sun. Even if the story is about a quirky nun who is cycling backwards around Britain to raise funds for a local orphanage the comments will generally contain the words “boobs”, “phwoar” and generally resemble a panel from the Fat Slags.

I’m going to continue the search and make a note of the gems I find on my internet travels but just one to leave you with. It’s an easy target but youtube always gets the good uns. Don’t ask why but I spent a large portion of last night/this morning catching up on my Home and Away viewing. Ahem. Under one particularly weepy episode was this stunner: “leah is PARANOID, kinda annoying. still bait it in2 her dah.” When love and hate collide…


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