Facebook sponsoring politics?

So I logged into my Facebook account a few minutes ago and a sponsored ad popped up in the right hand column. The ad is for this page. Family & Life is a Dublin based pro-life organisation who seem very quick to bandy the term “pro-abortion” around. I’m not saying I’m an old fogey but I’m old enough and wise enough to know that “pro-abortion” is never a legitimate term to use. No one’s delighted about abortion, no-one would advocate it as a really wonderful thing to do. There are horrendously difficult choices and circumstances which sometimes make it necessary for certain people but I’m not even getting into that now. I just find it very odd that a politically biased group would be flagged on my page when I’ve never displayed a right-leaning bias or “liked” any groups associated with this organisation.

Family & Life publish a magazine and information guide which includes tips for teachers and schools. The ‘zine is given resounding support by Fr. Brian McKevitt, editor of Alive! magazine, which I have written about before. Alive! is a sensationalist and homophobic freesheet published in Ireland and mainly found in church doorways. There’s an event coming up in February in NUIG which is run by Family & Life which I’ll hopefully attend but for now I’ll be asking Facebook how this became a sponsored ad. Any information appreciated.


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