Tsunami, Tsunami.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Sky News Watch post. I’ve been spending my time online monitoring solid news sources instead and turning a blind eye to their rubbish journalism. Today called for some Sky News watching though with the horrific events in Japan and the Pacific. Sky News has an excellent website and obviously dedicated and intelligent staff who post facts quickly and clearly on the site. Unfortunately the thoughts and musings of some Sky News reporters form part of the web posts and this is where we run into trouble. Several times today the words “lunar moon” were used on Sky News to explain some kind of lunar phenomenon that might explain what happened in Japan. Sky News didn’t bother with a simple thesaurus search and instead forged ahead with this explanation when, unfortunately for them, the words “lunar” and “moon” mean pretty much the same thing. One lovely commenter had this to say:

“What are you on about “a lunar moon”? Lunar means moon, it’s the same thing so your “lunar moon” means “moon moon”.
This earthquake was caused by a shift in the Earth’s tectonic plates. Furthermore, the moon affects far more than the southern Pacific Ocean it affects the whole planet.
Of all the scientifically misinformed comments that I’ve read on Sky this has to be up there in the top 5, so congratulations.
I suggest that you get a science book and read it. The universe is a wonderful and often dangerous place and a basic understanding of science will help you to better understand why these types of events happen.”

Nicely put. Sky News strikes again for ridiculous reporting in a time of disaster and distress. Focus on the facts lads, not lunar speculation and tautology. Finally, Sky have created a new word, “Skystrator”. It apparently describes the visuals that Sky use on their site to illustrate what’s going on in their main news story. I’ll have to deal with this in another blog post, (see it here), it’s just too much.


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