So it’s the King Father’s birthday, and I’m heading back to Ireland for a while in 3 days. It’s been a long weekend of beer and face painting and general halloween shenanigans. This evening, I went out on to the Tonle Sap on a boat cruise, armed with beer and a head full of mixed thoughts about confronting Europe again after 7 months in Cambodia. Long story short, I met a Vietnamese man who was the owner of the boat we were sailing on. Conversation as follows:

Me: How long have you been here?

Him: Ten years. I cannot go back to Vietnam while my friends and family live under communism.

Me: Do you have a family?

Him: I have my wife.

Me: Do you have children?

Him: Perhaps, in the future, we will have children, but everyone belongs to their own circumstance.

While this conversation was happening there were fireworks shooting from a location a few hundred metres from us and we had to strain to hear each other. But in the midst of all the noise, he had the most beautiful way of turning a phrase.


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