Apologies for my arse. Not.

A funny thing happened today. A Greek businessman called Demetri Marchessini decide to pay the Telegraph to publish a letter of his that accused journalist Libby Purves of being “pro-gay”. Well done Libby is all I can say as an introduction to this piece. The fact that you have pissed this nutter off is a wonderful sign of your writing abilities. More info on Marchessini’s letter can be found here: http://bit.ly/1cpgzgl

For now, I’d like to examine a publication produced by the author of this letter, entitled Women In Trousers: A Rear View, which tells us all how our arses are a nightmare to deal with and that we should all really reconsider our current fashion status quo and maybe just wear a sexy skirt from now on. To save you the bother of having to read this pile of shit, I’ve captured some of the best moments for you.

The introduction: Have you seen the state of your arse when backing away from a mirror, lady?


Fuck, am I a Haute Lesbienne? Jesus Christ, I’d only ever heard of “lesbians”, what happens when you add “haute” to that? Do I go to extra-bad hell?


Ok, I have a huge arse cos I have kids I need to pop out. That sorts everything.


And yes, even my non-perfect legs need showing off so I can find a man-mate.


Hmm, and it is my femininity that attracts men. Ok. Not my two degrees and ability to speak 4 languages? Ok, got it.


Have you seen the STATE of yourself? Pull yourself together woman!


Here is the author, so you can see how perfect he is and aspire to that.




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