Kray’s Last Tape


Liveline, an Irish talk-radio show, played a blinder this week with a segment about the Krays. There was a discussion about how Tom Hardy had only had access to a very short recording of their voices and how no other recording exists, and then this ladĀ from South Circular Road in Dublin rings in with a story about how his brother was put in a coma after getting beaten up in England, and Reggie Kray heard about him on the news and sent him a recording of his voice to try and help him wake up. It’s really rather terrifying and hypnotic to listen to. Fascinating stuff. Listen to it here, with Reggie’s voice starting at 7.24.


Patrick Bateman doing jazz hands?

Well, not quite.

The Johnson-Roessler production company is putting the musical touch to the novel, which apparently is still sold in secure wrapping with an 18 sticker on it in New Zealand.

It will feature a mix of original music and hits from the ’80s. It could go either way. Once they don’t get some kind of ex-Billy Barry/Nathan Lane type spotlight hogger I’d be willing to have a gander. It’s been rumoured that I once watched Les Miserables and may have enjoyed it.

Link to the Reuters report.